Put together by Harvard Business School alumni


Consulting with a Purpose

As parents, we want the best for our children. We understand the stressful journey a child goes through- excelling at school, getting accepted to a prestigious university abroad and eventually the struggle and race for securing a high paying job in a very competitive market.


We too sent our children to the United States, Canada & Australia and after 4 years of rigorous studies and financial stress, they ended up struggling for suitable job opportunities. Their professional journey came to a standstill, not because of their lack of passion or skills but for the gap that contemporary fast-paced agile companies seek. While large corporates require certain skill sets, universities continue to offer the courses that were conventionally apt for that era of corporates. And that just doesn’t cut the mark! We wished that we could make a single investment and get an education that was tied to a positive outcome - a stable and secure job with a good lifestyle in these unpredictable times.

All that time, money and effort goes downhill for millions of students around the world! 

Current ecosystem the millennials want to fast track their education, get into the real world and start enhancing their skill while earning at the same time. They do not expect to be disillusioned at the end of their selected courses, they discover having landed in a very competitive job seeker market with not many or any jobs available to them!

It became very evident that the best solution was to align the currently required skill set by the corporates with courses offered at the universities, at the pace that the student can not only cope but start looking forward to a rewarding consequence to that course.

We formed  InCanada.me to bridge this very gap and to assure students of brighter outcomes at the end of their study journey. The InCanada.me program is designed to offer such an educational experience. We have tied up with institutions in Quebec that have created programs exclusively for us. 


We want to level the playing field by being transparent with the expectation from each student and support them in selecting the right courses which put them in a very fertile job market. We ensure that both TIME and money is well spent and that there is clarity on the final outcome.


We want to help transform the children of today into the leaders of tomorrow with their meticulously selected field TODAY!



Mr. Tardif is the President of the Board of Eterna International, President of Eterna Investment Management and is involved in all divisions of Eterna Financial Group. He started his career as an international stockbroker in Quebec. He was also previously Vice President and Trader at Desjardins Securities, a division of the largest credit union in North America.



Mrs. Alamshah, popularly known as Gee, is a mother of two and a self-made successful entrepreneur. She has been a Pioneer in the Travel & MICE Industry for 25 years. In her quest for wellness, her deepest passion, she also founded her second company VOW with a mission to transform lives with holistic wellness.