Registration Fees - Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions of your registration fees as listed below:


1.     A one-time non-refundable fee of Rs.2500 is charged for registering on This fee is charged to verify the details that you have submitted.


2.     Verification and FREE counseling for registered applicants will commence only after filing the online form completely including the requisite fee.


3.     Payment of registration fee neither guarantees "successful approval" of the student nor does it guarantee admission or visa grant. Both are subject to approval by the requisite authorities.


4.     The registration fee is one- time payment for free access to all newsletters, course counseling from a professional application to college guidance, helping with the application for CAQ grant from the Quebec Government through guidance by experts. CAQ application cost needs to be Bourne by the student over & above all other charges and is clearly NOT a part of registration/application or college fee cost inclusion.


5.     The application cost of CAD 113-00 is waived off and not payable by the student.


6.     Non-Reimbursement of Fee: In the event that you choose NOT to pursue the application the fee is non -refundable. You may however choose another program from our upcoming programs although the application fee waiver will NOT be applicable.


7.     This registration fee does not include visa processing or visa counseling.

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