Many have come to surpass themselves at Cégep de Thetford and have believed in us. They all have a common project, to live an unforgettable experience that will make them grow. Some wanted to share with you their experience and the reasons why they chose us for the adventure of their life!




My name is Paul Lutard and I am from Bordeaux in France. I am a student of the Cegep de Thetford in Human Sciences and a member of the Filons football. My choice fell on this complex for its quiet environment and its proximity to large cities such as Quebec or Sherbrooke. Today, I would recommend it mainly for the many organized educational activities. I will also participate in a cultural trip to Peru thanks to my study program. Several other programs also offer this kind of travel and interesting activities. These experiences bring us out of our bubble of comfort and allow us a better integration thanks to teams work.

The Cegep welcomes student of different nationalities and cultural exchanges have become habitual there. This lead the Cegep to organize intercultural activities and set up an integration follow-up program for foreign students. In my case, integration was facilitated by my return to the football team where collective and the fact of living together lead us to the the wall of cultures and to mix. In addition, the training staff of Les Filons sets themselves apart by putting in place a very high quality program with sports, education and social follow-ups. For me, my place as a student and athlete within the Cegep will end at the end of the winter 2019 session. My stay at Cegep de Thetford was rewarding with quality staff that will remain etched in my memory. I will not trade for the world what I have experience here, in Quebec, in Thetford.


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